Koh Samui

A popular resort island in the Gulf of Thailand

Villa Thimala is located in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Daily direct flights are available to many destinations, including: Hong Kong, Singapore, Phuket, and Bangkok.
Map of Koh Samui, Thailand Koh Samui is situated just off the province of Surat Thani in the Gulf of Siam. The island is divided into seven "Tambon" or sub districts (administrative regions): Maenam, Bophut, Maret, Taling Ngam, Namuang, Lipa Noi and Angthong.
Koh Samui has been a backpackers destination since late 70's. Today, tourists from the whole world go to this easygoing "paradise".
It is surrounded by more than sixty other islands, some small and inhabited, some are larger such as Koh Phangan and Koh Tao.
Ko Samui has a tropical savanna climate. The climate is warm and humid for most of the year. In comparison to Phuket and most of the rest of southern Thailand, Samui's weather is relatively drier (Samui receives about 1,960 mm rain per year, Phuket 2,220 mm (87 in).
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If you’re looking for than the splendid beaches and fun bars oh Koh Samui, why not check out the beautiful religious architecture?

As Buddhism is Thailand dominant religion, you’ll find temples all over the country. From the island’s most iconic landmark to a mystic garden in the forest, experience Thai-ness with these four must-visit temples on Koh Samui.


The Big Buddha temple is located on a small rocky island called Koh Faan, north of Bophut. Also known as Wat Phra Yai, the golden, 12-metre-tall, seated Buddha statue was built in 1972 and remains one of Koh Samui’s most popular attractions.

Getting there: 15-minute car ride by taxi or Songthaew from Amari Koh Samui


Wat Plai Laem is a Buddhist temple compound on Samui’s northeast coast. Surrounded by a lake, this tranquil spot allows visitors to purchase a bag of food to feed the many fish that live there.

One striking feature is the white, 18-arm statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion in Chinese Buddhism. Close by the Big Buddha temple, Plai Laem temple offers visitors a view into Chinese-Thai beliefs, as well as some of the most elaborate Buddhist-themed art and architecture.

Getting there: 15-minute car ride by taxi or Songthaew from Amari Koh Samui


Known in Thai as Wat Namtok Hin Lad, you’ll find this temple surrounded by lush, tropical jungle. It’s located before the trail to the famous Hin Lad Waterfall, south of Nathon Town, Samui. It features a lovely garden, various religious sculptures and a meditation area. Strolling can be very enjoyable and it’s a great place for practising your photography skills.

Getting there: 40-minute car ride by taxi or Songthaew from Amari Koh Samui


Found on the southern tip of Koh Samui at the end of Bang Kao Beach, this golden pagoda beautifully contrasts the clear blue skies and turquoise seas behind it.

Its entrance is guarded by two demon-giant warriors (or yak) with immense swords, colourful attire and mean faces. This is another great photo opportunity, as there is absolutely nothing obstructing the breathtaking view.

Getting there: 20-minute car ride by taxi or Songthaew from Amari Koh Samui